No Quibble Guarantee
It’s simple – we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products.

Our Affiliate Programme

Take part in building STRATO's customer base and earn uncapped rewards with our affiliate programme. With access to extensive free advertising material, you can start earning today.

Become an Affiliate

Promote our products and earn up to £200 per sale without any fees, contractual obligations or minimum turnover.

Commission rates

Every sale made through you will be rewarded with a commission. Using our eye-catching ad material, you can boost your profits significantly. See the table below to see how much you could be earning:

STRATO HostingCommission up to (per sale)
MailDomain £1.00
BasicWeb £5.00
PowerWeb £10.00
AdvancedWeb £20.00
EnterpriseWeb £30.00


HiDrive 100 £15.00
HiDrive 250 £20.00
HiDrive 500 £45.00
HiDrive 1000 £100.00
HiDrive 5000 £150.00

STRATO SiteBuilder

STRATO WebStarter £5.00

STRATO Webshops

DownloadShop £40.00
BasicShop £20.00
AdvancedShop £50.00
PremiumShop £80.00

STRATO Virtual Server (1 month contract only)

Server S Linux / Windows £5.00
Server M Linux / Windows £10.00
Server L Linux / Windows £12.50

STRATO Dedicated Server

Server S Linux £15.00
Server M Linux £20.00
Server L Linux £25.00
Server S Windows £15.00
Server M Windows £25.00
Server L Windows £30.00

How to join the affiliate programme

1 - Register at the affiliate network

It only takes two minutes of your time to register for the STRATO affiliate programme. Afterwards, you will receive an email with an activation link. Click this link to confirm and finish your application.

When you have clicked the activation link, we will verify your application. After this has been confirmed, you can start earning.

2 - Choose the promo material

Pick advertising media from our assortment of banners.

When you've selected the advertising media of your choice, you can copy the source code automatically generated and paste it into a suitable position on your website.

3 - Get paid

The Affiliate network generates statistics of your activity on a daily basis. At any given time, you can check your statistics to see how much money you've already made.

To receive payment for your services, just fill in your bank account details and authorise payment of your first credit.


Registering for our programme is simple and you're only a few clicks away from our generous commission. To register just click on the 'Register Now' button below.

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