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STRATO MailDomain
per month
Monthly cost £0.89*
Setup fee £3.29
Contract period 12 months

Top Features

Number of inclusive domains (.org, .net, .com) 1
Email accounts 5
Traffic unlimited

Email & Domains

Extra domains hosted (.com, .net, .be, .org, .info, .biz, .mobi, .me, .co) optional
Domain redirection
Special characters optional
Mailbox space (per Account) 2 GB
ServerSide Antivirus/Antispam
STRATO Communicator (webmail) Basic
Email forwarding
Email Autoresponder
Email sorting solution


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30 day money back guarantee
per month

The Not-So-Small Print

Contract period is 12 months. Prices excl. VAT.

More Info:

Domain price list - Extra Domain

Our domain list shows you all the TLD endings you can choose from, the prices and contract periods.

Domain Setup Fee Cost / Month
excl. V.A.T
Cost / Year
excl. V.A.T
.be NO SETUP FEE £0.69 £8.28
.com NO SETUP FEE £0.89 £10.68
.net NO SETUP FEE £0.69 £8.28
.org NO SETUP FEE £0.69 £8.28
.info NO SETUP FEE £1.29 £15.48
.biz NO SETUP FEE £0.69 £8.28
.mobi NO SETUP FEE £1.49 £17.88
.me NO SETUP FEE £1.29 £15.48
.co NO SETUP FEE £2.49 £29.88

International characters:

International characters can also be used in your chosen domain name. Please refer to the table for a list of characters permitted with the individual domain endings.

Tip: If your keyboard does not feature the characters listed in the table, simply copy them from the table and paste them above. You can also use numbers and hyphens "-" in your chosen name.

.mobi, .be, .me No special characters allowed.
.com, .net à a â å ä ã a a æ c c c c ç d d é è e ê e ë e e e g g g g h h í ì i î ï i i i i j k l l l l n n ñ n ? ó ò o ô ö o õ ø o œ ? r r r s s š s t t t ú ù u û u ü u u u u w ý y ÿ z ? z ð þ
.org á é í ó ú ñ ä ö ü
.info, .biz ä ö ü
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