We want to be as energy efficient and climate friendly as possible, which is why we lowered our energy consumption drastically, and switched to renewable energy sources in 2008.

Saving Energy

Electricity has become the largest direct expense in the IT industry. At STRATO we try to conserve as much energy as possible, especially when it comes to hardware, climate control and software. Furthermore, since 2008 our data centres have been operating 100% carbon-neutral through renewable energy sources.

saving energy

Air Conditioning

Using the hot aisle/cold aisle principle we are able to make tremendous savings; cold air is sucked in at the front of the server, and heated air leaves the rear and enters the air conditioning system. Special covers and indicators keep the cold air in the cold aisles and ensure that only one area of the data centre is constantly cooled. We are also currently testing free direct cooling, which means we cool our data centre with outside air instead of chilled air.

air conditioning

Internal Development

We have extremely high demands, but every now and then they are not met by available hardware. At STRATO we developed a new power supply with 90% efficiency, even under part load. Now the whole industry benefits from our power supply as it is freely available.

internal development

Energy efficient hardware and customised software

STRATO relies on modern, energy-efficient hardware by renowned producers such as AMD. Our shared hosting platform is based on highly efficient servers that are ten times more energy efficient than the previous system. Software can help conserve a lot of energy. We programme most of the software ourselves bearing resource efficiency in mind. If it takes fewer steps to achieve a result it will be more energy efficient.
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