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Here’s the easy way to merge your customer numbers

Customers often have several customer numbers that they want to merge to make things simpler. That’s why we let you do this yourself in the STRATO Customer Login.
As a contract partner, log into the STRATO Customer Login with the customer number and password you received. Remember that you will keep the customer number you use to log in.

Go to the menu item Change Contract and click on Merge Customer Numbers.
Select the option Merge Customer Numbers to proceed. This opens a new window. Go to the menu item Update Customer Numbers and enter the customer number of the package to which you want to transfer the selected order. You also need a domain name from the package and the matching password.

Then click Next. The system will check the domain name and password you entered. If the data query shows that both datasets are identical, click on “Next” to complete the order.

You can only merge two customer numbers in one go. But you can proceed to the other customer numbers once you have finished merging your first set.

Error: inconsistent data for customer numbers
If the company, first and/or last name and the credit card details are not identical, it won't be possible to update the data. To prevent misuse, we require legal proof in order to change any of these data. Please send us a signed copy of the Contract Transfer. "Online changes" are not possible here.
If the query shows inconsistent data for the fields street, zip code, town/city, telephone, cell phone, email address, the relevant lines will be highlighted in color.
The button Update Data is shown below the data.
The datasets for your first customer number will be imported and saved when you click on the button Update Data. You will then receive confirmation of your order and you will be able to merge other customer numbers.
If you do not want to do so, click on Send Order. Your order will then be transmitted and carried out.