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How can I request the AuthInfo Code in the customer service area?

The AuthInfo Code is an alphanumeric security code. Specifying the AuthInfo Code is required for a provider change with most top level domains. In this way, it is ensured that a provider change can only be performed by people who are entitled to do so.


Please remember: STRATO will automatically send you the AuthInfo Code by email 30 days before the termination date of your domain.


However, you can request the AuthInfo Code in the password-protected STRATO Customer Service Area as soon as the affected domain is noted for termination (as soon as we have executed the termination). This is then sent to the domain owner's email address.



Log in to the STRATO Login area with your customer number or the domain name and your password.

Then click on the [...] button and then on Your Package , in order to get to the package overview:



All of the domains in your STRATO package are listed under the Your Package menu option. Nex to each domain that has a termination date and for which an AuthInfo Code is assigned, the Request Authcode link is available.


Click on the link in order to receive the AuthInfo Code. Finally, the following is displayed in an overview:

  • For which domain you are requesting the Auth-Code
  • The domain owner or AdminC as well as
  • The email address of the domain owner.

If all data is correct, please click on the Send AuthInfo Code , button in order to send this by email to the domain owner. Delivery is carried out within a day.


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