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What settings can I make in the NS Record configuration dialog?

For the subdomains you created (for example, subdomain.desiredname.de), you can edit the name server resource record (NS Record) and determine which name server is responsible for your subdomain.
The setting from the NS record can be configured with a few clicks in your customer login; you only need your customer number and customer password to do this.
After logging in, please select the menu option Manage domains in order to enter the domain administration area of your package.

In the domain administration, please click on manage next to the desired subdomain.
In the following screen, please select the menu pointDNS Administration and click on managein the NS Record column.
The STRATO name server is preset, but you can also enter up to four individual name servers for your subdomains. Here, the first address is that of the primary name server.

You cannot edit the NS Record if an individual MX Record, A-Record, SPF Record or DynDNS account has been assigned. The NS Record is shown as being inactive in this case.

In order to be able to use an individual NS Record, the following values must be set for the DNS records:

  • A-Record: STRATO standard IP address
  • MX-Record: STRATO mail server
  • DynDNS: disabled
Note: The changes to the DNS settings are sometimes only completely active 24 hours after activation due to the decentralized structure of DNS.

You can view more information about the STRATO DNS entries here.

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