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This is how easy it is to set up DynDNS for your domains

In the STRATO hosting packages, you have the option, in your password-protected Customer Area of setting up DynDNS for one or several of your domains or sub-domains.

DynDNS or "Dynamic Domain Name Service" is a service that makes it possible to set up a fixed domain name for a changing IP address.

With Dynamic DNS (DynDNS), you have the ability to forward your registered domains and set up sub-domains at STRATO to any computer connected to the internet. This makes it possible to easily reach internet services (servers) operated on your own computer like FTP or streaming media.

Possible usage scenarios include:
  • Access to your own computer on the go through your own domain
  • Provision of your own files through FTP for download through the internet
  • Provision of streaming media
  • Operation of your own mail server on a company computer, etc. 


1. Enabling DynDNS for your domains or sub-domains


Log in to your password-protected Customer Area Now select the menu option Manage domains in the window on the right. In the following main window, you will receive an overview of your connected domains.


In addition to the domain name and the forwarding destination of the domain, you will see different Icons, on the right that show which DNS features are already configured. The corresponding key is displayed under the table:


Please remember , that icons are only displayed for functions with settings different from the standard settings; this means that the symbol is not displayed for DynDNS by default.


You can enable or disable Dynamic DNS for a domain by clicking on manage next to the desired domain:

Then select the DNS Settings option:


Now click on manage in the Dynamic DNS area and then enable DynDNS, so that your computer can be reached via your domain:

Complete the settings by clicking on Save settings and repeat this process for each of your domains or sub-domains for which you would like to enable DynDNS.


A separate password for DynDNS can be assigned under Security and Set passwords. If you do not set a password, the master password is automatically used.



2. Setting up DynDNS on your target computer


In order for your computer to report your current IP address to our DNS server, you have to install a DynDNS client on your computer that takes over this task. There are numerous such programs available, for example:

DynSite oder externer Link DirectUpdate

Our DynDNS server uses the protocol DynDNS v2 from dyndns.org (English) for the DynDNS update. Your DynDNS client needs the following information in order to be able to automatically update the IP address:

  • Server: https://dyndns.strato.com/nic/update
  • Host: The domain or sub-domain to be implemented (for example: mypc.desiredname.de
  • User: A domain from your package (for example: desiredname.de)
  • Password: Ihr Dynamic DNS Passwort, das Sie im Kundenservicebereich vergeben können.
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