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How can I integrate STRATO HiDrive as a network drive?

The easiest way to access your STRATO HiDrive is via integration as a network drive. STRATO HiDrive can be retrieved through a drive letter, for example via "My Computer" from Windows, and can be used in a manner similar to a local hard drive. We recommend using the SMB protocol for this. SMB-Protokolls.


Availability check for the SMB port


In a few cases, the routers and firewalls block the port 445 used by the SMB protocol; STRATO set up a test to inspect the port, you can access the test at the following site: externer Link http://diag.hidrive.strato.com:445/


If you receive a positive response during the test, you can start with the setup, otherwise please first check your local firewall / router configuration. Access via the SMB protocol is not possible if the test is negative. If this happens, please check your local configuration.




Setting up the network drive under Windows 7 / Windows Vista


In the Windows Explorer, you will find the option Connect network drive (Windows 7) or Assign network drive(Vista). Alternatively, you can click on Start / Network Environment in the task bar and then Extras.



After you have clicked on the option, select an available drive letter and enter the following server path in the Folder field:



If you would like to log in automatically in the future, please place a check mark in front of Restore connection upon login Click on Finish.


In the window that now appears, please enter your HiDrive user name and the created password. If you have correctly entered all information, an Explorer window will open automatically and display to you the public and users folders.

Now you can easily begin the data transfer via drag & drop.


Note: : Please enter your HiDrive user name entirely in lower case letters for all connection types and when logging in to the Customer Service Area.


Further useful information


If you cannot establish a connection to HiDrive in the way described above, this may be due to the router or a software firewall you used. In order to be able to use SMB/CIFS, port 445 must be open.


In the event of a software firewall, please activate this port. Information about how you can do this can be found in the software manual. The router manufacturers sometimes block port 445 ex works due to security reasons.


SMB OK -> You can access your HiDrive storage space via SMB from your computer.
SMB nicht OK -> You will receive a time out.