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How do I use the STRATO HiDrive FTP/SFTP account?

You need a corresponding program (called an FTP client) to transfer files via FTP, SFTP or FTPS.

The FileZilla FTP Client is available for Windows/Mac/Linux:


externer Link https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?show_all=1


For the FTP connection to STRATO HiDrive, please enter the values you previously specified in the fields for address (or Server), user name (or User) and Password.

Please remember that you have to create a user beforehand in your HiDrive Customer Service Area in order to be able to access the server via FTP/SFTP.



Server for FTP
Server for SFTPsftp.hidrive.strato.com
Server for FTPS ftp.hidrive.strato.com
User/user nameUser name
PasswordYour password that you created in the HiDrive Customer Service Area




Please remember that your data is transferred in plaintext if you use a simple FTP connection. The SFTP protocol is also available and offers additional encryption of your data transfer.


In order to use FTPS in Filezilla, please open the Server Manager under "File"
Enter the requested login data and for the encryption, select: "explizites TLS/SSL"



Please confirm the certificate displayed in order to establish an FTPS connection

Please enter your HiDrive user name completely in lower case letters for all connection types as well as when logging in to the Customer Service Area.


Note on incorrectly displayed umlauts and special characters

Achtung If the FTP program you are using incorrectly displays umlauts and special characters please adjust the coding settings and use UTF-8 as the setting.

To do this in Filezilla, please open the server manager and in the character set , in the file card tab enable the option Force UTF-8..



In WinSCP, please click on Environment and then for the option UTF-8 Coding for File names,, select the setting On.



Achtung If you had already uploaded files before changing the settings, please remember that these may no longer be correctly displayed and you will receive an error message.

Thus, we recommend deleting all affected files and uploading them again.


Hinweis What is FTP?

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol for transferring files through TCP/IP networks. It is used to transfer files from the server to the client (download), from the client to the server (upload) or between two servers controlled by the client. Furthermore, directories can be created and analyzed with FTP; directories and files can also be renamed or deleted.


The SFTP-protocol serves first and foremost to carry out file transfers, but also for general access to the file system on the FTP server. The SFTP protocol uses a secure channel so that no passwords or file information is transferred in plaintext.


The name FTPS (frequently also "FTP/SSL") stands for different possibilities for executing secure file transfers with the help of FTP software where an SSL/TLS level below the standard FTP protocol is used to encrypt the control and/or data channels.