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How can I log into Plesk?

You can open the Plesk administration interface directly via your web browser. Beginning with https:// enter your server address in the web browser followed by a colon and the port number 8443 and log into Plesk.
Use the following data for the login:

Linux server user name: admin (if the login does not work with admin, please use root as the user name)
Windows server user name: Administrator
Password: the initial root password displayed in the Customer Service Area
Log into Plesk-1.png
Please note: In the customer service area screen shown above, it is only possible to regenerate the root password on the STRATO V-Power Servers.
Opening the Plesk interface is only possible if you have chosen an operating system variant that contains Plesk. You can recognize this by the addition of + Plesk to the description of the operating system.