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How do I restore orphaned mailboxes?

You will no longer be able to use the mailboxes in the form ‘postfachname@wunschname.de’ once the last domain has been removed from your hosting package, for instance by cancelation or by an internal or other domain transfer.

First log in to your STRATO Customer Login to retain access to your email. To do this, you will need a customer number and customer password. Select the Package, then Email and finally Email Management. The orphaned mailboxes are shown in the STRATO Customer Login.

The mailboxes can then be accessed by entering the username backup_0001@Package-Master-ID and the email password, e.g. backup_0001@xxxxxx.de.strato-hosting.eu.


As before, you can use the button Change to reset your password if you have forgotten it. This function can be accessed using any POP3/IMAP ready email program or in STRATO Webmail.


You can no longer restore the mailboxes or their contents if the cancelation date for your package has passed and you no longer have access to the STRATO Customer Login.