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This is how you install Plesk on your V-server

Plesk is a web-based administration tool for the administration of your STRATO V-server and is provided to you as an option. In this article, we explain how you can install this software on your V-server.

1. Install Plesk on the server
Please log in to the password protected customer area of your server. Plesk is pre-installed in the delivery state. If Plesk is not installed, please execute a new installation of, for example, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS including Plesk 10.2 under the menu option Server Configuration New installation..


By clicking on the checkbox here, you can confirm that your server should be installed again. After confirming with Next, you will have to enter the code displayed for security purposes.


Achtung Important: Wait for the notification by email saying that the server is finished with re-initialization. The re-initialization normally takes between 1 and 2 hours.

You will be able to see the status in the customer area. After completion of the new installation, you will find your root password under the menu option Server Configuration/ Server Data.

2. Start Plesk for the first time and install the license key

Beginning with https:// enter your server address in the web browser followed by a colon and the port number 8443 and log in to Plesk.

Use the following data for the login:
As the login name: admin (if the login does not work with admin, please use root as the user name)
and as the password: the initial root password displayed in the customer service area

Please execute the required password change and enter the administrator information after this.

Under the menu option Server Administration / Tools & Services License Administration, upload the locally saved license key to your server. Make sure there is a check by the "Replace selected?" checkbox.



If the interface language is preset to English, you can change this under the menu option Server Server Settings by selecting the German language package.


You can change the interface language under the menu option Server Administration / Settings and Interface Administration by selecting the German language package there.



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