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Where do I find my customer number?

To log into the STRATO Login area you will need your password and your customer number.


You will receive your customer number via email as soon as your order has been activated. You will also find your customer number on each of your STRATO invoicesand in the purpose of transfer line of your account statement from a STRATO debit entry if you participate in the SEPA debit memo procedure.

Customer number on your invoices
Your customer number in the subject field of your email invoices
Your customer number in the STRATO Login Area
Changing your customer password


the customer number on your invoices


Important information to enable easy categorization is positioned in the upper right area of your invoices. Here, you will find your customer number as well as the invoice number.


Your account statement also contains the customer number; it is the 2nd number in the purpose field: for example, DRP12345678 (invoice number) 98765432 (customer number)



Your customer number in the subject field of your email invoices


The delivery of the invoice is carried out by email to the email address you specified. You can find the customer number directly in the subject of the email.




Your customer number in the customer service area


Your customer number is also displayed after login in the STRATO Customer Service Area in the customer support under the menu optiont Your Customer Data. Here, you will also have the option of changing your master data.






Tip: If you have several packages under different customer numbers, you can merge customer numbers in order to manage all packages through an interface. This is also possible if you use different STRATO products (for example, a server or a HiDrive package).


We can answer support inquiries concerning your orders much more rapidly if you specify your customer number or invoice number.



Changing your customer password


If you forget your customer password , the customer number and the email address are needed to be able to assign a new customer password. To do this, open the login page and click on the Forgot password? link.



You can find more information about the STRATO password system here: What is the STRATO password system?



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