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Deactivation of LivePages

LivePages will be deactivated on April 30, 2023 as it is outdated and no longer provides the ability to create a secure and modern website.

The following FAQ article provides information about what this means for you as a LivePages user and the options available to you.

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Your existing LivePages website will remain unchanged

First things first. Your existing LivePages website will remain unchanged. Deactivation of the LivePages platform does not mean that your website will no longer exist and can’t be accessed afterwards. It just means that you won’t be able to make any changes to the existing website using the LivePages Editor.

Our new and modern sitebuilder is free for you to use

To replace LivePages which has been deactivated, you can use our current, modern sitebuilder we’ve set up for you at no cost at all. To do so, log into the STRATO Customer Login area as usual and select your package containing LivePages. Use the “Activate Website Builder” button to activate the sitebuilder in the package. After successful activation, use the “Start Website Builder” button to begin creating your website.

What are your alternatives?

  1. Would you like to continue operating your existing LivePages website?
    You can continue to do this since you will still be able to access your existing website which remains unchanged. After LivePages is deactivated, you, however, will no longer be able to make any changes to the website using the LivePages Editor. You can make changes to the content of your website by editing the respective HTML file. The HTML files can be accessed via Web Space Administration.

  2. Would you like to build a completely new website?
    Your new sitebuilder makes it possible for you to create a completely new website for free. Modern tools and features help you here so you can get the most out of your new website. Tips on how to get started with your sitebuilder can be found here:

  3. Would you like to import your existing website into the new sitebuilder?
    You can use the Importer feature in sitebuilder to import most of the content from your LivePages site into the new sitebuilder.

Important information

A website published with the new website builder is not automatically accessible via your domain. If you wish to access your new website via your domain, use Domain Management to activate an internal domain redirect to the “STRATO-sites” directory for your domain. Information on how to configure a domain redirect is available in this FAQ article:

All about domain forwarding

If you want your old website content to be shown once again, set the redirection of your domain to the originally selected directory again.

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