FAQ #229
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It’s that easy to assign your desired domain to your Website Builder.

After changing your desired domain, or when your Website Builder package is initially activated without a domain, it will be necessary to assign your desired domain to the Website Builder. You can assign the domain with just a few clicks in your password-protected STRATO Login area. For this, all you need is your customer number and customer password.


In the STRATO Login area, you now need to go to your Website Builder package. To do so, select the menu item Your Package.



In your Order Overview, now click on the menu item Homepage Design / Website Builder.



In the following screen, you will be able to select the primary domain that will be used for your Website Builder. Select the desired domain and confirm your selection by clicking on the button Select domain.



Please note that you can only select domains that are activated in the selected order. Domains that have been activated in other orders can be forwarded to domains within your Website Builder, or alternatively also transferred directly to the Website Builder.