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Can I manage my own DNS entries at STRATO?

Yes,via your password protected STRATO Customer Service Area you have the option of managing the DNS entries of your domains by yourself.
After you have logged in to the customer area, please select the package by clicking on the [...] button, and then on "Manage domains" to get to the domain management.
As illustrated, the domain icons are located to the right of the name and redirect target, which clarify which DNS features are being configured.

Please note that icons are only displayed for functions with settings that deviate from the defaults. If you have already configured a DNS entry for a domain, this will be displayed next to the domain.

By clicking on the "+"-symbol next to a domain, you can also display the related subdomains. If you would like to configure a new DNS entry or modify an existing one, please click on manage next to the corresponding domain or subdomain and then on DNS Settings..
You will now be in the DNS Administration of the selected domain or subdomain and can create or modify the following name server entries yourself.
  • NS-Record: (only for subdomains): Forwarding of name server requests to a different name server.
  • A-Record: Linking of your domain with a certain IP address (for example, the IP address of your server).
  • AAAA-Record: Set IPv6 address for your domain
  • MX-Record: Entering a host name as the responsible mail server with a certain priority. This means that emails from your domain are forwarded to this other email server.
  • TXT-Record: Makes it possible to store a text of your choosing in the DNS zone.
  • SRV-Record: With the help of the Service Resource Record (SRV), you can determine which services are offered under your domain/subdomain
  • CNAME Record: You can change the CNAME record for subdomains and thereby enter an alias for a web server
  • Dynamic DNS:Make your computer accessible through your own domain. Please remember that the DynDNS is not available in every package. DynDNS is included starting with the PowerWeb Basic package (2013) and STRATO Domain and BasicWeb XL (for existing customers). An instruction manual for this can be found here.

This is how you set up the DynDNS client DynSite
Please note that if there are incorrect changes to the DNS Settings, your domain may no longer be accessible under certain circumstances.

Please understand that we cannot assume any responsibility for disruptions due to incorrect name server settings. Therefore, only make changes to these settings if you are absolutely sure of your steps.

Please click on the entry that you would like to change and then perform the desired setting.
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