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How can I check the PHP and/or MySQL version?

In order to find out which version is installed on the server, simply create a small file with the name Datei info.php.

Open a text editor (for example, under Windows StartBeachte auchProgramsBeachte auchAccessories) Notepad or Wordpad, and enter the following into this file:


Save this file as Datei info.php and then transfer the file via FTP into the main directory of your domain.

However, if you saved the file as Datei info.php.txt you have to rename it before you upload it.

After this, open the following URL in your browser: http://www.desiredname.de/info.php. (Whereby "desiredname.de" is your domain name)
(Whereby "desiredname.de" is your domain name)

When you run this script, the version (and other environmental variables) will be displayed.