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The STRATO Email Server

In order to be able to retrieve an email address using an email program, you will first need to configure the email program for the desired email address.
You only need the email server addresses, the user names and the password for the email address in order to configure the email program. Please use the following server information when configuring your email program:
Inbox server (POP3 SSL/TLS)pop3.strato.de (Port: 995)
Inbox server (IMAP SSL/TLS)imap.strato.de (Port: 993)
Outbox server (SMTP SSL/TLS)smtp.strato.de (Port: 465)
User name/account:Your complete email address (for example, mail@desiredname.de)
Password:You can assign the Password in the customer area under the menu option Email


SMTP Authentication

For all email programs, the so-called externer Link SMTP-Auth-Procedure applies. You will find more information in the corresponding manuals for your email program.



You will find comprehensive manuals for frequently used email programs in these FAQ articles:

Outlook 2013Windows 7 Live MailAndroidiPhone / iPod Touch
Outlook 2011 for MAC

Important note about older email programs

A few older email programs, for example, the Netscape Messenger, do not accept the @-character when entering data. In this case, use the following format: mailboxname%desiredname.de

For some programs, you cannot directly enter the POP Server; instead, it is read from the email address (for example, with Eudora). In this case, enter: mailboxname%desiredname.de@pop3.strato.de.

Please replace desiredname.de and mailboxname with your own data.

Note on domains with umlauts and special characters

Please remember: If you use a domain with an umlaut or special character, your email program may also not be able to process the domain properly. Please use coded writing instead.