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The STRATO Customer login

In the Customer login, you will have the ability to manage all packages centrally under your customer number. Technical settings are separated from the contractual information. This significantly reduces the effort and time required for the management of the individual STRATO packages. If, for example, you execute an update of your address and bank account, this is carried out centrally for all packages under your customer number.


The benefits
  • Allcontract support features are available to you with just one login.
  • You can access all packages and make package-related settings here (email, database management, etc.).
  • As the owner of your STRATO packages, if you transfer your domains to a third party for support, they can then use all the technical features from the customer service area. However, you will still have the exclusive ability to view and manage your contract data as well as upload and download options and domain access etc.
If you use your customer number and customer password for the login, then you will have access to all packages under this customer number and all contractual settings. With this login, for example, you can edit your master data, view and download invoices and make changes to your plans.
After the login, you will receive an overview of your available packages in the middle, and on the left side you will find options to open and update contractual information.
Under the Change customer data menu option, you can edit or update the following:
  • Address data
  • Telephone and fax numbers
  • Contact email address
  • Payment Information / Bank Data

Additionally, you will also find the forms to change the name (contract handover) and change the domain owner / Admin C. under these menu options. These modifications cannot be performed directly online.


The menu option Change customer password offers you the option of changing your personal customer password for the customer login.


Under the option Forms you will not only find forms to download, but also be able to directly configure functions online:


  • Domain transfer form - use this form in order to transfer the entire package or individual domains to a different contract partner. Since consent is required from the current and future contract partner, this change can only be made in writing.
  • The form for changing the domain holder - since the consent of the previous and future domain holder is also required here, this change may also only be done in writing.
  • Linking customer numbers - if you have several customer numbers at STRATO, you can link them together online; you will only need the customer numbers and customer passwords to do this
  • Package change (downgrade) - If you would like to change to a smaller STRATO product (downgrade), you can do this here directly online
  • Termination - Click here if you would like to directly trigger or retract the termination of orders, individual domains or other additional services online
  • Form for package splitting - Here, you can register domains as additional domains to an existing package or as an independent webhosting package under your own customer number.


The menu option Your Invoices offers you different options with regard to your STRATO invoices. Here, you will find an overview of all invoices for your customer number. You can also download each of your invoices separately as a .pdf document.

Should there be an open invoice, there is also the option of triggering a repeat debit note at this point.


Under the Offers of the Month menu option, you will find offers specifically for existing customers that change monthly.


You can contact our customer service via Help and Contact. Our service experts would be happy to help you in a friendly and competent manner.


In order to administrate technical settings and features for your packages, select the desired package in the central area of the page.



For a few packages, you will find two buttons here. Click on the Start button to get to the respective administration interface.


Click on the gray "More" button to get to the package administration of the respective package. Here, you will find the technical administration options for website builder packages, webshops and hosting packages. You will also find an option to upgrade the package here.



You can also log in to the package administration separate from the customer login. This is, for example, useful if you would like to transfer the care of your domains and websites to a third party. They can then use all the technical features of the customer service area. However, you will still have the exclusive ability to view and manage your contract data as well as upload and download options and domain access etc.


In order to use the package login, you have to assign a separate package password. You can set this via the menu option Administration / Set passwords.



The login is then carried out using the domain name and the package password. With this login, the package can then be technically administrated; however, no contractual changes can be made.