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What is STRATO PHP Extended Support?

In this article, we would like to provide you with all the information you need about STRATO PHP Extended Support and explain why this service may be necessary for the functionality and security of your website.

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What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language for dynamic websites and content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla and others.
In this article, you will find out why you are probably also using this widely used standard for your website and what the different versions and security updates are all about:
What is PHP and how do I use it?


What is the STRATO PHP Extended Support?

Based on the basic information on PHP mentioned above, STRATO PHP Extended Support is a special service that is subject to a charge. This includes, for example, security patches for an old, no longer supported PHP version in your hosting package. This enables us to offer you an uninterrupted service for your online presence and prevent your website from becoming vulnerable to hackers.


Why do you need STRATO PHP Extended Support?

With the regular further development of the PHP programming language, the PHP community removes old versions from official support when a new version is released. This means that the oldest version is no longer maintained and can become a potential risk for your website and other customers on the hosting platform due to security vulnerabilities if it continues to be used without maintenance.

The PHP community has discontinued support for PHP 8.0 on 23/11/2023.

We advise you to always use the latest PHP version. Currently, at least PHP 8.2 is recommended to use the latest and most proven applications without compatibility issues. Information about the changes in this version can be found in the official changelog.



When does STRATO PHP Extended Support begin?

The paid STRATO PHP Extended Support for version 8.0 starts on 07.02.2024.

For newer versions, STRATO PHP Extended Support will begin shortly after the end of support by the PHP community. Further details on the various PHP support phases and the entire PHP lifecycle can be found in the following overview:



When will we inform you about PHP Extended Support?

We will inform you in good time by e-mail if you are still using an outdated version of PHP. This way, you still have time to change the version before we activate the paid PHP Extended Support.

Do we still have your current e-mail address? Read this article to find out how you can change your details: Where can I change my customer details? Where can I change my customer details?

You can find the outdated PHP version in your customer login or in an .htaccess file.


Why do we charge you for STRATO PHP Extended Support?

We have noticed that content on your web space is being used in an outdated PHP version and have written to you as a result.

To ensure the security of your website and our customers, it is necessary to upgrade to a more up-to-date PHP version. According to our terms and conditions, you are obliged to keep your software up to date. If this is not done, we will have to close any security gaps for you. The maintenance of outdated PHP versions requires additional administrative effort on our systems, which is why we charge you a small monthly fee for this additional service.

To ensure that your website and PHP scripts remain functional and secure, we will temporarily leave you on the previous PHP version and take over the fee-based maintenance of the old, no longer supported PHP version by activating PHP Extended Support.
You have time to check your project with the new PHP version and, if necessary, make it compatible or update corresponding plugins for WordPress and other content management systems to new versions.

As soon as you are ready, change the PHP version in your package and disable the Extended Support of the old version if required.


How can you check whether your website is compatible with the new PHP version?

You can test whether your website also works with a newer PHP version in just a few steps. To minimise the risk of your site being temporarily unavailable, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Create a copy of your page in a new folder on your web space.
  2. Create a subdomain and redirect it to the new folder.
  3. You can then switch to the current version in the folder using .htaccess.

After you have accessed your website via the subdomain and checked that everything works as desired, you can permanently change the PHP version in the STRATO customer login. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to do this in our article: How to change your PHP settings in your hosting package

Please note that you will no longer be able to revert to the outdated PHP version after the changeover and the termination of the customer login. Therefore, please make sure that your website is working properly with a current version before you exit the STRATO customer login.

Please check whether adjustments to your scripts are necessary. Many scripts are compatible and functional with current PHP versions.

The PHP community offers additional support for migrating to a new PHP version.


How can you disable STRATO PHP Extended Support?

We recommend that you only disable STRATO PHP Extended Support once you have checked the functionality of your website with the new PHP version. After your deactivation, we will discontinue the fee-based Extended Support at the end of the monthly term.

To disable the fee-based STRATO PHP Extended Support, first log in to your STRATO customer login. Then click on Databases and Web space → Set PHP version in the navigation menu.

Please select the desired PHP version and save it by clicking on Save.


You will then be informed that you have changed the version and that support is still active.


Once you have navigated To the overview, please click on Disable to switch off the service.

If you have disabled the service and then realise that there are still errors with your website, you can switch to the old PHP version within the support period.


We ask you to confirm that all the necessary settings have been made. Only then will the deactivation be complete and we will discontinue the Extended Support at the end of the contract term.


You have changed your PHP version and still receive an invoice

In this case, you either have:

  1. not yet deactivated Extended Support after changing the PHP version.
  2. Your PHP version has not been changed to a sufficiently up-to-date version that no longer requires Extended Support.

You can quickly check both options in the customer login and solve them as described above.

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