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More than 10 years' experience in Internet business.
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STRATO is one of Europe’s biggest hosting companies, with more than 1.4 million customers across six countries. Our state of the art data centres are home to four million domains on over 50,000 servers. Our ISO-certification certifies the accessibility and security of websites, servers, online storage and business applications hosted by us.

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Facts and Figures

Discover more about STRATO in order to get an overview of our company.

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data centres

Data centres

Security and availability are the key principles at STRATO.

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climate protection

Climate Protection

We care about the environment. STRATO is energy-efficient and carbon-neutral.

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We have more than 200 service agents ready to assist you.

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Get to know the management team.

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STRATO always strives for excellence, and we’re proud of our awards.

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